How I curl My Straight Difficult to Curl Hair

Good morning lovelies, hope your day is going well. Today’s post is all about how I curl my hard to curl hair. I have always had really straight hair. In the first photo you can see my natural hair, I didn’t even use a flatiron at all. Also my hair is pretty thin.


Tip 1: The importance of the curling wand/Flat iron

Invest in a good curling wand, doesn’t mean it has to be real expensive just a good quality one. I use the NuMe 19mm wand (part of the NuMe 3-in-1 curl jam set) I’ve been using this one for almost 5 year now and it’s still amazes me (I got this set at winners, and they usually have really good hair tools really cheap). With this wand not only do my curls last the day, it also stays wavy the next day. I still haven’t quite mastered curling my hair with a flat iron, though I have done it on the people. I really like the Avanti flat irons, 1 inch or less is best for curls. (I can do a post on how to curl your hair with a flatiron if you would like to see it let me know)

Tip 2: Texture

You can do this by one of 2 ways (or combine both). When you hair is damp/wet, braid or twist it. They don’t need to be a french braid just anything that will give it some texture. They other way is by using a texturizing spray, (I use Beyond The Zone beach head salt spray).

Tip 3: Grip/hold

This is similar to texture but what I mean here is using mousse when your hair is wet. The reason I don’t like gel is because in thin hair it can be way to heavy and weigh it down, causing curls to straighten. I like to mix 2 mousses, L’oreal Studio line indestructible volume mousse, and schwarzkopf Oasis Grip mousse. I find this combination absolutely perfect, and I don’t necessarily need to hairspray it after.

Tip 4: Finishing

There’s 3 ways to finish off your curls. Using a sprunch spray, best and cheapest one is Aussie sprunch spray, my mom introduced it to me and she swears by this for her naturally wavy hair to give it more curl. Second is using a humidity blocking hairspray, this is especially great for warmer weather/climates since humidity are curls worst nightmare. Beyond the zone does a great one, Smooth criminal humidity blocking hairspray, this is also my everyday hairspray, great hold without the “crunchy” feeling or stringy look. Final is a hair primer, same use as a hair oil but doesn’t weigh down hair as much so perfect for thin, fine or oily hair. Also Beyond the zone smooth criminal hair primer. (also use this daily no mater what, use in wet hair too for heat protectant and detangler). I recommend spraying it into  your hand then running your fingers through the ends of your hair.

*Bonus tip: Practice. You have to “train” your hair, so try curling it more often.

Hope this helps your hair to curl better and last longer. Recently using these tricks I have been able to curl all my hair in about 7 minutes. I also run my fingers through it when i’m done before I set it. Comment any other time you have or if you try out any of these.

~Tori Scherle~

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I'm 22 years old and starting my Masters in Biology at the University of Ottawa in September. I just recently graduated with my Honours BSc - Biology. I love photography, baking, plants & adventures!

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