University: Dorm Essentials

Good morning lovelies. Today’s topic is university, actually I have a bunch of posts lined up for the next few weeks all about prepping for university and what to do when your there. I realize lots of schools have already started but in my country we don’t go back to school till September. I move in august 31st and pretty much all schools in my region are the same so sorry if you are already in school.

1. Keurig / kettle / coffee maker – If you are a coffee addict or enjoy a nice cup of tea before bed then your obviously going to need something for that.
2. Décor with a purpose – Yes that little pug statue is cute but what purpose does it serve? In a small space you want to maximize every inch so try opting for décor with a function, like a ceramic statue that doubles as container, or a cute ottoman that’s super functional for storage, an extra place to sit when people come over or even a bedside table.
3. Memory foam mattress topper and Bed Bug Protector – You never know who has slept there before nor how clean it is. Also for those of you who have a classic dorm mattress (aka an inch of fluff) a mattress topper is great.
4. Something to remind you of home – this kind of goes against my 2nd essential but this can be anything from a blanket or small stuffed animal (lol no shame) or a picture (opt for hanging the picture instead of a frame on your desk or dresser.
5. Under bed and vertical storage – Like I said before you want to maximize every inch of your room. Under bed is great this will vary on size depending ow high your bed is. Also the vertical space, I’m planning on getting the IKEA Alex 9 drawers, since it is tall yet fairly slim so you use that otherwise wasted vertical space.
6. Over Door Hooks – This can be hooks or a mirror
7. Command Hooks – This is no surprise everyone talks about these since you can’t put holes in the walls.
8. Lights – Both cute lights (like Fairy Lights or Christmas lights) and also a good lamp, I love the ones that have an adjustable
9. Laundry Highbred and Laundry Pods – Laundry basket highbred is basically a basket but has a laundry bag inside so it’s the best of both worlds. You can have it stand on it’s own but take the bag out when you go to do your laundry. Also Tide Pods are amazing, this way you bring down a couple pods instead of the whole bottle of detergent and even though measuring isn’t hard this just saves a lot of time (and every second in university counts!)
10. Shoe mat – This is especially important in rainy climates or cold snowy climates (like my school rip to me), you don’t want water getting all over so a shoe mat near the door is a must.
11. Tide To Go – you can’t avoid stains so having this on hand will come in handy before that big presentation of important date.
12. Power Bar and extension cord – you never know where the nearest (or only) outlet is.
13. Door Stop – may sound weird but the first few days in rez if your door is open (obviously only when your there) you’ll meet more people. People will just stop by to introduce themselves. Great way to get to know everyone.

Come back Wednesday or subscribe by email for my complete packing list, in the meantime have a great day.
~Tori Scherle~


**Please note that some links in this post use Amazon Affiliate links and photo is all rights to uOttawa Marchand double.

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I'm 22 years old and starting my Masters in Biology at the University of Ottawa in September. I just recently graduated with my Honours BSc - Biology. I love photography, baking, plants & adventures!

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