10 Tips For a Productive Day

Good morning lovelies, today I wanted to share some advice that I have acquired on how to be really productive and make the most out of your time. My goal for this year (well it’s been a goal I have been trying to achieve for many years) is be more productive and less of a procrastinator. Honestly it’s going better than I thought it would have so these are some things I have been doing to help get more done.

  1. Having a proper sleep schedule: going to bed at a consistent time (and not too late) is really important to help you be less tired and more alert during the day especially when you are doing your work.
  2. Waking up at a good time: this varies for me but on days when I can sleep in I try not to sleep past 9. For me I feel this is a good time because I can catch up on some sleep but it doesn’t mess with my sleep schedule, which previously mentioned it super important).
  3. Finding “your” spot: everyone studies and works well in different places, you just need to find what you like. A coffee shop? The library? Your room? With people? Alone?
  4. Just starting: Honestly the hardest part is just starting, but remember the sooner you start the sooner you will be finished.
  5. Be accountable: Find a friend to study with or go to the gym. This way you won’t back out of it. I can’t tell you how many times either Leila or I would want to just not go to the gym but because we had already committed to going either each other then we don’t back out. This is especially good for those who have trouble just starting.
  6. Make a list: use a planner, white board, post it note or any piece of paper and make a list of everything you need to accomplish for that day or week. Either draw little boxes beside each task or cross them off your list when you accomplish them. You would be surprised how motivating it is to cross things off your list.
  7. Eat healthy/workout: they you are what you eat lol. But seriously when you eat cleaner and go to the gym then you just feel better.
  8. Dress nice (for yourself of course): This is similar to the previous point but when you feel good you are much more confident and ready for the day. There have been studies that have shown that dressing up for class (especially exams) you are more likely to do better and be more alert.
  9. Read instead of going on your phone: when your taking a break form studying or working, reading gives you a break (I guess only if you like to read) but keeps you alert and still focused so when you go back to work, your brain doesn’t have to readjust.
  10. Start small: start with a task like making your bed or breaking large tasks into smaller ones. If you have to study for an exam, stat with one chapter at a time. It makes things less intimidating.

Hope you have beautiful, productive day ahead of you.

~Tori Scherle~

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I'm 22 years old and starting my Masters in Biology at the University of Ottawa in September. I just recently graduated with my Honours BSc - Biology. I love photography, baking, plants & adventures!

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