Adventures in Ottawa: Winterlude 40th Anniversary

Good morning lovelies, this past weekend my friends and I went to the Winterlude (snow festival) in Confederation Park, Ottawa. I had no clue what it was (nor do I think any of my friends knew exactly what it was either), so here is a little background.

Winterlude is hosted annually in Ottawa, ON and Gatineau, QC, in February. This year marks the 40th anniversary, and runs from Feb. 2nd to the 19th. There are many different attractions suitable for people of all ages. These range from outdoor concerts to ice sculpting contests. More info on current events here. Their concerts/DJs are pretty cool, my friends refer to it as a “Canadian Rave” since it’s outside and it was snowing. They have a bunch of different vendors and of course Beavertails. We have yet to see any events in Quebec but I hear they’re also really cool.

We walked around and looked at all the amazing ice sculptures, and since the Olympics are currently going on; CBC had a tent set up and a couple TV screens playing the Olympics live.

After walking through Confederation park we went skating on an outdoor rink across the road. Since we’ve already skated on the Rideau many times (highly recommend trying it out) we decided to try something new. My friends wanted to race and of course I hate losing so I booked it ignoring the fact I didn’t know how to stop so I completely wiped out… Rippp.

Thanks for reading, and I highly recommend going with your friends/family.

~Tori Scherle~

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I'm 22 years old and starting my Masters in Biology at the University of Ottawa in September. I just recently graduated with my Honours BSc - Biology. I love photography, baking, plants & adventures!

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