University Update: First Year

Wow, where did time go? I can’t believe my first year of university is already over, second semester went by so quick!

At the beginning it was kinda hard, being in a new city, never even visited the school or city before, and such a new routine to adjust to. I made lots of friends that I’m very grateful for, as I don’t know what I would’ve done with out them. In all seriousness, the academics were actually really hard but I’m glad I stuck with it and the French got easier as the year went on and the more I practiced. (I have a post coming soon on my experience in a post secondary French Immersion Science program)

I started out with one of my best friends, Georgia, and along the way met up with Erin (a friend from when we were 6), eventually we made more friends (who thought we would actually make friends right?). I can’t imagine my life without Sinéad, Didier, Liam or Jessica (can’t believe she’s leaving us next year). It’s weird to think that a year ago I didn’t know any of you existed and now I couldn’t imagine my life without you all. And to all my friends I made at Rez, Tay, Alex, Brooklyn and Regan, I’m gonna miss having you all so close. Lastly thanks to all my science friends, Natacha, Casey and Abby, who helped me make it through class, and especially Andi and Lauren who showed me the real world lol. Don’t know how I will survive next year when Lauren is at another school.

Ultimately I’m gonna miss our late night grocery runs, watching Netflix at 2am with Didier and Kevis, eating cookie dough after the fire alarm goes off with Tay, random adventures through the city, skating in April outside with Erin, the photoshoots with Brooklyn, all the memories and late nights in 1601 with everyone, the crazy adventures to Quebec, and honestly just having my friends so close all of the time.

Thank you all for the best possible first year, can’t wait to see everyone again!

~Tori Scherle~

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I'm 22 years old and starting my Masters in Biology at the University of Ottawa in September. I just recently graduated with my Honours BSc - Biology. I love photography, baking, plants & adventures!

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