Thrift Flip : Upsize Kids Dress

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Good morning, I wanted to share a recent project of mine, upsizing a kids dress for my sister. While it’s not technically thrifted, she’s had this dress for a few years and loved it but it no longer fit. I upsized it and made it a little more “grown up”. Hope you enjoy this transformation.

This is what I started with. I then seam ripped the skirt form the bodice, and the lace from the bodice. I also separated the casing from the lace and saved that for the loops on the back.

For the skirt : I planned on putting an elastic in the skirt, however the linning was A-line and wasn’t wide enough to fit over the hips, so I reused the invisible zipper from the dress. To top the skirt, I flipped it inside out and sewed along the top, flipped it right side out and top stitched it.

For the bodice : I took apart the bodice pieces and reshaped them. I curved the top and lowered the back. I added 2 darts on each side to add a little more shaped. For the straps, I used a piece of white ribbon that came as a sash for the waist. I folded each side of the ribbon to the middle then in half and sticked it (Tip, use an iron to flatten the folded ribbon to make it easier to sew). I reattached the bodice pieces to the lining with the straps and top stitched it down. I added loops with the left over casing from the lace in the back. to lace it up. (Using loops and lacing method it’s super easier to upsize any dress, and added bonus, it adds a touch of elegance).

Here is the final product :

Thank you for reading,
~Tori Scherle~

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