July Bullet Journal Spreads

Good afternoon, I’m back with another Bullet Journal post. Recently I’ve been trying to incorporate different elements and a little more creative with my post and I’m quite happy with the outcome. This month there is a monthly spread, weekly spread, habit trackers, goal/to do pages. I tend to use brighter colours in the summer however I’ve been bullet journaling for 3 years and I was tired of the same colours, so this month I challenged myself to choose a new theme and try some different layouts. Supplies listed/linked at the bottom.

Title Page

My title pages don’t tend to be overly complex or elaborate but I always like to have something (even if it is just the month written with a Tombow). I used the Tombow Fudenosuke hard tip on a piece of brown paper that I had leftover from the wrapping of my birthday present (this will make a comeback in every spread), and added a piece of black Post it behind it to make it pop (also making a reappearance in each spread). Super quick and easy but gives it a little something.

Monthly Layout

I like a horizontal calendar because it fills the space most efficiently with each sqaure being 5×5 squares leaving enough room to write in a few events. I use this calendar as an overview for important upcoming events and to plan blog posts (for this site and Rotaract Ottawa). The doodles throughout are just a line and some heart type markings, tip it’s easier to start at the top of the flower.

This spread includes a mini future calendar (I also tend to include a future log spot but I haven’t used it in months so I switched it up but will probably bring it back when school starts again), a spot for an ongoing To Do list for the little things I think of and a goals section.

Work things / Gratitude

These are a new spread for me, since quarantine I’ve been trying to post more consistently and I figured a “work” tracker couldn’t hurt. For the gratitude tracker I chose to do 5 squares with drop shadows, one for each week in July. I’ve done mood trackers in the past but I don’t stick with them and right now writing something I am grateful for each day will get repetitive so I figured I could try doing it once a week (you know start to form a habit).

Budget Tracker

This is also a new spread for me, I’ve done variations of budget trackers in the past, however I have a master spreadsheet that I use (I love excel!) so this spread tends to get neglected but I’m all for trying things again. This spread turned out way better than I expected and is totally customizable. Add more or less lines for each category and add or change the categories to suit your needs. The line on the left is going to be for the date of the transaction, the middles section for the name of the purchase, and right for the amount. The bottom has a total for that category as well. I got inspiration for this spread from Caitlin Da Silva (Caitlin’s Corner on YouTube) July spread, btw she has some amazing bullet journal videos and is queen of craft paper + black washi!

My intention for the other category is reoccurring expenses, ex. rent, wifi, hydro, subscription services etc. and for the “Note” section for anything I have to do that is money related (what I owe someone or what they owe me).

Weekly Layout

The left page is pretty standard for my weekly layouts but I did offset each column. The right side is much different, I have my habit tracker (you can definitely add more), the black post it in the middle will be used for a more detailed layout for my blog post and related tasks, a spot for anything I want to accomplish that week but don’t have a specific day in mind for it and there was a blank space so I added a mini “To Buy” list.

What I used* :

Leuchtturm1917 Dotted A5 hardcover journal
Micron PN (plastic nib)
Tombow Dual Brush pen in 992
Sakura White Gelly Roll – 08
Scotch tape runner
Scotch black washi tape
Black Post it notes
Recycled brown paper

*Check back next week for my Top 10 Bullet Journal Supplies post!

Thank you so much for reading, hope to see again,
~Tori Scherle~

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I'm 22 years old and starting my Masters in Biology at the University of Ottawa in September. I just recently graduated with my Honours BSc - Biology. I love photography, baking, plants & adventures!

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