Bullet Journal | 20 Pages For Your New Bullet Journal

Good morning, today is very exciting because I am sharing 20 (yes you read that correctly TWENTY) cool pages to add to your new or current bullet journal. Everything from books to read and movies to watch to self-care spreads and social media trackers. I’ve also included 2 BONUS spreads that I did not include in the video! I’ve been bullet journaling since 2nd semester of my first year, and I’ve found I like starting a new journal for each academic year (so for me that means September). Ps. to keep this post consice, the photos are in slideshows (so remember to swipe for more!)

Title Page

This can be the year or academic year. Tombow 837, N55.


Nothing fancy, just a great reference page for when you create monthly spreads. Tombow 761.


I love quotes (which appear throughout my bullet journal) but I really liked this quote and felt it deserved it’s own page. This is also a great opportunity to include some art. Tombow 761.

Line Spacer

Another great reference page for when you create new spreads. Helps you minimize the amount of math you need to do. Tombow 723, 761.


I did a similar spread last bullet journal for “Important Dates” however I found myself only using it for birthdays but this can definitely be any important date you need to remember. Tombow 761.

Movies to Watch

Fun little throwback with movie stubs that were actually quite easy to create. I used a circle stencil but you can always free hand the semicircle to connect the straight lines.

Books to Read

Even though I use my goodreads account, I like the visual aesthetic this adds to my journal. It was a little tedious but the actual drawing of it wasn’t too difficult because they’re just basic lines. I also used a stencil my mom made for me years ago to create the banner. Tombow 451, 723, 761, 942.

Marvel Movies to Watch

I’ve been on a quest to watch all the Marvel Movies, and I still have a few left so added this page. Just a basic list but the title makes the page to visually interesting. The font wasn’t too difficult because they’re straight lines, and I used my circle stencil for the logo. To colour in the title and logo, I used my Crayola Super Tips.

Harry Potter (Books + Movies)

Similar to the Marvel spread. I am also reading the Harry Potter books and planning on watching all the movies. To be honest this title took me FOREVER. I struggled so much with the lightning bolt on the ‘P’. The book section is written in French because I am reading them in French, but of course, you can just write the word ‘Books’ and the titles in English 🙂

TV Shows to Watch

This is super simple, just some squares (with a drop shadow) because it was different than just a list but also doable for anyone.

Self-Care Activities

I was really feeling this ‘retro’ bubble letter/style. These are some activities I enjoy doing so relax and practice self care. I also included this cute quote on the side. Tombow 803, 873.

What You Can Control

Something I’ve been trying to work on is only worrying about what I can control. I made this ‘Circle of Control’ so to remind myself what I can control and to not worry about what I cannot control. Tombow 761.

Things That Make Me Happy

I made a list of 50 things that make me happy and wanted to include it in my journal to remind myself when I’m feeling sad. Tombow 055.

Blog Ideas/Overview

Cute little spread to keep track of blog post ideas as well as growth tracker. Tombow 761.

YouTube Ideas/Overview

Very similar to the previous spread, just a place to keep track of ideas and YouTube related things to do. Tombow 761.

Favourite Music

Very simple spread where you can add your favoruite songs or music (maybe even podcasts?). The circles give me retro Vinyl or CD vibes. Tombow 803, 873.

Goals (with stepping stones)

Something I find very important when setting goals (especially long term goals) is having stepping stones or ‘milestones’ of things you can do to eventually achieve that goal. This is very beneficial in staying motivated and also preventing you from getting overwhelmed with large goals.

Things to do

This isn’t like a ‘things I need to do today’ but rather a I’m bored or I have time to spend doing something I want to do, here is what I can do list. Georgia and I came up with this list at the beginning of quarantine so pretty much everything on here is stuff you can do while at home or socially distant (which could be our reality for the foreseeable future). Tombow 873.

Places to Eat

A list to keep track of your favourite restaurants or places you want to try! Tombow 873.


Inspired by Caitlin Da Silva (of course because she is amazing). This spread is to help broaden your horizons, or at least your doodles. Check out the description of her video for the list of doodle prompts!

Clean Schedule

I’ve included a section for daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly tasks. You can add a section for annual or bi-annual tasks but I didn’t have any tasks that fit that category. There is a spot to check off that you did those tasks for all except daily because that’s habit much. To fill in the blank space I added a few little leaf doodles. Tombow 158.

Rotaract Planning Page

This page is quite unique to my planner, however this spread can be modified for volunteer or work planning. Tombow 725.

I’ve included the colours I used for each spread but if you want more details and where to find the supplies I used for these spreads check out My Top 10 Bullet Journaling Supplies post.

Thank you so much for reading! For August, I will be posting my regular day (Fridays) and another day as well (might vary week to week so make you subscribe or follow my blog so you’ll be notified when I post any future content)!
~Tori Scherle~

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I'm 22 years old and starting my Masters in Biology at the University of Ottawa in September. I just recently graduated with my Honours BSc - Biology. I love photography, baking, plants & adventures!

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