Bullet Journal | New Semester Setup

Good morning, today we are setting up my semester/academic spreads in my bullet journal! While bullet journaling may not be everyone style, having a way to keep track of important dates and deadlines is a must for any student! I have 9 spreads including a semester overview, timeblocking and even a meal ideas page & self care spread. Check out the video for examples of the spreads filled in!

Title Page

Title pages are not necessary and they definitely don’t need to be fancy, but I do like some sort of title page to act as a divider or separator because it makes my bullet journal feel cleaner and organized. I just did a very simple block letter style, same colour and font as my title page for my bullet journal to keep it cohesive. If you haven’t seen my previous bullet journal post check out 20 spreads for you new bullet journal!

Semester overview

This is probably my used page throughout the year. I write down any academic related date, when things are due, when exams are, when reading week and semester starts/ends. The rest of the spreads are just fun bonuses, but I feel this spread is a must for any student (even if it’s just a page you keep separate!)

Class schedule

This is great for the first few weeks of classes the you are getting adjusted to a new schedule. I like to just use a light grey to fill in the blocks but you can also take it a step further are use a different colour for each class. Since my school uses the same 1.5 blocks I chose to just use those times, however if your classes are different lengths (aka not intervals of 1.5 hours) you can also just do hourly times from like 8am until you last class is done.

Password + contact tracker

I haven’t included a password tracker in the past but I thought that with more classes and meetings online that means more websites/programs that require a password, so I felt it to be more necessary. I mean I wouldn’t suggest adding things like banking information but response programs and such it’s not a crucial. They also have apps for password tracking that are password protected in case you don’t want to write any of this down.

Assignment tracker

Serves a similar function as the semester overview but this spread allows you to keep track of what you have started, finished and submitted. If you are in a program with labs or a class with weekly assignments it might be a good idea to have a couple pages dedicated to this.

Reading tracker

This page is designed for one class (maybe fit 2) so just replicate it for as many classes as you need. There is also a section more main points about the article or you could write a mini summary.

Time Blocking

This spread is for those of you that enjoy planning your weeks and utilizing time blocking. If you want to learn more about time blocking, what goes into it and what to keep in mind when creating your schedule, stay tuned for a future post!

Meal ideas

This is especially great for students moving out on their own for the first time and having to cook for themselves. This is a place where you can compile a list of quick, easy and cheap recipes, for you to look back on if you are in need of inspiration. Also great if you want to include a meal plan in your future spreads so you can just transfer ideas form here to there (psst, next bullet journal post will be my September setup and it includes a meal tracker!)

Self care

I can’t say this enough, but self care/taking time for yourself is so unbelievably important. Regardless how busy you are it’s super beneficial to have chill time and to do things you enjoy. Check out this post for some info regarding the importance of self care + productivity. I used a piece of carstick and a punch to create a stencil you can either just free hand this or use a ruler.

I really hope you enjoyed it! like this post and let me know what you want to see in the future. Don’t forget to follow for updates when I post!
~Tori Scherle~

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I'm 22 years old and starting my Masters in Biology at the University of Ottawa in September. I just recently graduated with my Honours BSc - Biology. I love photography, baking, plants & adventures!

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